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25 yo, female, nerd, USA
I realized I can't be a superhero if I get winded after running a block.
I can't run with the Doctor if my legs aren't strong enough.
I can't defeat the Witch King if I can't lift a broad sword.
And unless I could fight back, I'd be one of those people who die in the first 90 seconds of an episode of Supernatural.
I'm getting healthy and fit so that when the time comes, I can save the world.

Pictures from today’s 16 mile bike ride.

I went up to my favorite part of the island - the nature reserve in the eastern mashes. I love it because it’s tucked away and hard to find so there’s almost never anywhere there. You can see for miles but can’t see a single house or road. There’s always tons of birds and lizards, and occasionally alligators. I also love it because it feels like Jurassic Park. Any time I go there alone part of me is like, “well, this is it. This is where I get eaten by a velociraptor or a skunk ape.”

The day was perfect for it. A little sunny so it was bright, a little overcast so it was cool. I hit the reserve at high tide too so all the marshes where up.

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