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25 yo, female, nerd, USA
I realized I can't be a superhero if I get winded after running a block.
I can't run with the Doctor if my legs aren't strong enough.
I can't defeat the Witch King if I can't lift a broad sword.
And unless I could fight back, I'd be one of those people who die in the first 90 seconds of an episode of Supernatural.
I'm getting healthy and fit so that when the time comes, I can save the world.

There’s a 30% chance it’s already raining

No workout again today because my leg still hurts too much. But I think I figured out why my leg hurts:

I can feel changes in the weather through the metal implants. 

I’m most sore when it’s rainy out. yesssssss. New superpower! Kind of an obnoxious one because it does twinge a bit, but whatever, I’m still enjoying my slow ascent to transhumanism. 

I look forward to being able to sit on my porch in a rocking chair on grey days, gaze off pensively at the horizon, and wisely say, “Storm’s a comin’. Can always feel it in my bad hip when a storm’s a comin’.” 

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