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25 yo, female, nerd, USA
I realized I can't be a superhero if I get winded after running a block.
I can't run with the Doctor if my legs aren't strong enough.
I can't defeat the Witch King if I can't lift a broad sword.
And unless I could fight back, I'd be one of those people who die in the first 90 seconds of an episode of Supernatural.
I'm getting healthy and fit so that when the time comes, I can save the world.

My current “damn it, I can’t believe I fractured my leg and am now sidelined” nerdy heroes.

Barbara Gordon - because the lady didn’t let something silly like paralysis stop her from being a complete badass. She’s my number one upper arm strength and optimism hero. Every time I don’t want to do my arms workout, I remind myself that Barbara wouldn’t give up and let an injury get her down and hold her back.

Lady Deathstrike - because when I finally heal up, me and my Adamantium reinforced leg are going to be unstoppable. Give me a couple months and I will be a badass cyborg bitch.

Dean Winchester when that monster broke his leg in Season 7 - because I need to remember that when you’re injured it’s ok to suck it up, take yourself out of the fight, sit on the couch, watch Telenovelas, and eat pie for a month.

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